Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What other projects do you work on?

We’re putting on a play at the moment – Little Hotel Chernobyl. It’s about four characters, and it’s very Argentine in essence. All the problems of the country are played out through the characters. It’s an allegory – about failure.

How has you’re theatre work been received?

All our stuff has been well received but looking back there’s things we’d change about our early work because we’d not done much then. We’ve won loads of prizes – like best feature, best direction, audience award and festivals. We’ve been all around, we’ve done festivals in Argentina and Brazil. Our first stuff was well received but, in retrospect, we consider it to be terrible.

Where do you want to go with your theatre?

We’re at a place now that we’re really happy with what we’re doing professionally, doing independent theatre. We don’t want to be on at the big venues – we’re not interested in commercial theatre. We’re very happy.

What do the other statues do the rest of the week?

Chaplin is a mime. He gives classes in that. He’s very good. The place where he works is run by one of the country’s foremost mimes, Angel Lisondro.

What do like the most about what you do?

We’re our own bosses. Obviously we work with people, but we organise everything.

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