Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Which act is the most lucrative?

The tango dancers or the musicians generally get the most money. And within the statues the windies have got their game trump tight. Defensa is Defensa in terms of a perfect spot. Anywhere on it is perfect.

What’s the most you’ve earned on a Sunday?

Our record was $280 [Argentine Pesos] and US$12, because there was a cruise boat in town. We normally get about $150 [AP] on a Sunday, but it’s not unheard of to make upwards of $200. We don’t work for that long – other people work for longer which is why they make more.

How long did it take for the novelty to wear off?

We’re sick of it.

How has the act changed?

We were originally three; that’s the only way in which our act has changed. But the third was Chilean and she went off to get married.

What preparations do you have to do and how long do they take?

We used to improvise a bit more, but now we’re so sick of it we keep it to the bare minimum. We used to move a lot more when people gave us money. Now we’re still for longer.

Do you have to do your make up at home and travel in costume?

It takes half an hour to get ready. We get changed in the street.

Does your costume ever scare any kids?

Some really tiny kids get scared.

What tactics do you use to get money out of people?

Every now and then we’ll throw in a “WHOA!”

Do you practice at home?

We used to practice standing still at home. We’d watch each other and give each other tips.

How has the act evolved to where it is now?

We modify the act according to the audience. We realised how long we should stand still for and when we should do the sudden movements.

Do people ever realise who you are when you’re out of character?

We never get recognised.

Why are people are so interested in it?

People like it because they’re on holiday, they’re relaxing. It’s different and fun. That’s what San Telmo is all about.

But I personally don’t like it – when I was in Barcelona, on Las Ramblas there were loads of statues. I didn’t give them a penny.

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