Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What piece of your work are you most fond of?

Llanto de perro is the play that we’re most proud of. When we did it there was a great group vibe – everyone was lovely, all the actors were great and the theatre treated us well. Andres writes everything.

How successful do you think you’d have to be to give up your Sunday work?

We’re planning on quitting the statue business quite son. There’s a possibility that in December we’ll go to Bahia Blanco – where I’m from – to direct something through the summer. When we get back there’s a chance we’ll give up the statues. We’ll do a lot of teaching.

What aspirations did you have when you where younger?

[Andres] I wanted to be a singer.
[Paula] I can’t remember.

Do you ever wish you had a normal, nine to five job?

When we see people going to their nine to fives we’re glad we don’t have to. But in life everyone makes their own choices. Its difficult to do it in a country like Argentina and we’re so happy we have the chance to.

Translation by Mr Will Massa. Many thanks.

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