Friday, May 11, 2007

Are you a sinner? Or are you a winner? Find out with Phil

If you've ever strolled down Oxford Street you'll probably know Phil. For years his sharp Scouse accent took aim at the patrons of TopShop and H&M. To him, they were sinners; he was a winner. He'd embraced Christianity and forgotten vanity. His mission was to turn the heathen shoppers into a troupe of well-drilled worshippers.

Before receiving enlightenment Phil was a wealthy stockbroker. Turning his back on the profession that made him a handsome living, Phil traded in his family and his job for a small hotel room and a Bible.

We used to see him on the streets, all day, every day. As a public we have an uncomfortable relationship with strong believers in any religion. Forcing it on us is seen as very un-British. But there's a person beyond the preacher; he captured what he does away from the mic for us in the latest Spend a Day With.