Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"When I was in Barcelona there were loads of statues. I didn’t give them a penny"

Who are your characters?

We’re European immigrants that arrived in Buenos Aires in the thirties. We wanted to do something that was specific to San Telmo and to Argentina. I’m from the Spanish people and Andres is the son of Italians.

Other than standing still, what do you do in your act?

When we’re given money we say a little bit in Italian:
“Hello. We’re fresh off the boat.” Sometimes we improvise.

Do you do the act elsewhere?

We only do the Sunday act here in San Telmo, but sometimes we’re hired to do weddings and restaurant openings. We don’t advertise; people just come up and ask for our phone numbers during our act. We don’t get that many gigs – but just enough.

Is this your first act?

Yes – we’d never done any kind of street performing before what we do now.

Where do you get the costumes?

We make our own. My suitcase and Andres’ hat are my granny’s from Spain.

Why do you do it?

We do it because it gives us enough time to do other stuff. We wanted a job where we still had enough time to do our theatre work.

What do you do when you’re not standing still?

I’m still studying theatre direction – which Andres graduated from last year. We also give acting classes during the week to earn some money, but we come to San Telmo because it’s awash with cash.

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